Located at the light, in the heart of downtown Pagosa Springs, The Peak Deli is your premiere location for artisan crafted sandwiches, breakfasts, salads and soups. We offer an affordable lunch choice with premium quality meats and cheeses from Boar’s Head put together with house-made spreads and great breads. Our breakfast options are quick and fresh-made, with coffee available from Desert Sun Roasters in Durango.

Also be sure to come check us out to satisfy that sweet tooth.  Fresh baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies as well as Jilly’s famous cheesecake!


Breakfast Burrito

sausage-filled, loaded killer burrito


The Cubano




8 thoughts on “About

  1. Reagan McIntyre

    Hello from Texas!
    I just left the post office Fter mailing you an envelope to send my son’s jacket. It’s a prepaid envelope, so drop it in a box or take into post office. It will be a really fat envelope, but the jacket is thin and I think will fold up nicely. You might have to add some packing tape or post office Can if you take in. They said to just not cover the stamps except for a little at the bottom!
    Thank you so much!


  2. Charity

    2 separate trips up here to ski and both times had to come here. Awesome service, perfect portions for breakfast before heading to the mountain. I highly recommend coming here for an aweome breakfast!


  3. Samantha Molina

    Fantastic food, all around! I’ve eaten here several times, and have never been disappointed in the taste, or quality of the food; or the attitude, and vibe of the staff! Definitely recommend eating here breakfast, or lunch. 🙂 … on a side note they do not, however, have icecream, but they do have amazing cheesecake!


  4. Gabrielle Bancesco

    Hi! I was wondering if you guys were looking for any summer employees! I’ll be honest, I’m pretty desperate for a job and will work how ever many hours, in whatever position you need me to.


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