Our priority is to protect our staff, customers and our community. In order to bring you our deli-icious foods in a safe and clean manner we are offering takeout service as well as dine in and seating on our lovely patio.

We encourage our customers to stay outside if feeling ill. There are no mask requirements, however they are also encouraged. Currently our online system is NOT operational (too busy, not enough staff). We ARE accepting phone in orders 970-264-DELI(3354), although we may not answer do to being too busy without the proper staffing..

Please respect our decisions for running our business. As always please respect the safety and well being of others by giving each other some space and wearing a face covering when interacting.

Thanks, the Peak Deli crew!


Breakfast Burrito
sausage-filled, loaded killer burrito
The Cubano

18 thoughts on “THE PEAK DELI

  1. Charity

    2 separate trips up here to ski and both times had to come here. Awesome service, perfect portions for breakfast before heading to the mountain. I highly recommend coming here for an aweome breakfast!


  2. Samantha Molina

    Fantastic food, all around! I’ve eaten here several times, and have never been disappointed in the taste, or quality of the food; or the attitude, and vibe of the staff! Definitely recommend eating here breakfast, or lunch. 🙂 … on a side note they do not, however, have icecream, but they do have amazing cheesecake!


  3. Gabrielle Bancesco

    Hi! I was wondering if you guys were looking for any summer employees! I’ll be honest, I’m pretty desperate for a job and will work how ever many hours, in whatever position you need me to.


  4. Matt Rogers

    The Pagosa Peak sandwich was the best sandwich my wife had ever had, literally. My son and I had the Italian, unbelievable! The sport peppers etc just amazing. My daughter had the grilled cheese, she ask me why I can’t make it like that. Our dog enjoyed the patio as well😀 Thanks for the amazing lunch.


    • I am very sorry for that Tammy. I have been meaning to take it down until I can replace it. There have been things I’ve been meaning to get to but been very busy at the deli making your deli-icious food! It was taken down this afternoon at around 3. I just saw this comment from you at 5:30. Have a GREAT independence weekend!


  5. Drew

    Great food, pissy service. I’m local and try to be very considerate and respectful, but I was disappointed in the interaction with the staff. I hope you find some happiness, let me know and I’ll stop by.


  6. Nathan Porter

    Google Maps says you’re open on the weekends and your website doesn’t say anything about days and hours open. We’ve had great food here before but we missed it today.


    • I’m sorry Nathan. Google has had my hours messed up for a while and I keep resubmitting an edit to no avail. On the other hand our website, as well as our other social media platforms, do have it listed correctly. M-F 8-2 Sorry you missed us!


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